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Discreet Packaging is a secret packaging and it will be unmarked package with no vape related branding on the outside.



- Peel-Off Label: We will remove the original label/sticker of the product. Then we might put some codes or initial on the product for you to recognize the item. (The codes are usually for you to detect which flavor is which since label have been removed.) Example codes : (NANOSTIX - Light Grape Ice = LNXG)

- Overlay Existing Label: We will stick a dummy sticker on-top of the existing label. So upon receiving the items, you can just remove the dummy sticker to reveal the original labels.

- Remove & Replace Existing Box: We will remove the original product packaging/box and replace it with a non-vape related packaging (Essential Oil, Air Purifier Refills, etc....) Also we will include some simple codes for you to recognize the item when receiving it. (NANOSTIX - Regular Mango Ice = LNXMAN)

- No Packaging Box: We will remove all packaging or boxes. So if this option is paired with "Peel-Off Label", this will be considered as fully nude shipping. (No label, No box, only codes.)

- Rebottling Per Bottle: We provide this extra service (optional) to rebottle or transfer the liquids to some other discreet bottle. Item price is for per bottle basis and only available for E-Juices and not available for closed pods or cartridges.


**If you need any assistance regarding discreet packaging, you may email or WhatsApp our support directly. Contact details are at the bottom of our website.**